Far back in 2018, skateboarding friends from all over the world came together in Ethiopia, friends like Skate Like Lion and CARIBU304 got together and built a very solid and beautiful community skatepark in Konso, a small town in the south of Ethiopia. The following year, Ethiopia Skate, the umbrella organisation when it comes to everything skateboarding in Ethiopia, had the privilege of hosting a group of 15 skateboarders from Addis Ababa to visit the park as part of their Eshi Beka Skate tour. On getting there, everyone could see how amazing it is to see the impact that skateboarding has had in that part of Konso.

The idea of the tour to Konso was so that skateboarders from Addis can visit a new part of their country, have a feel of the place, skate the newly constructed project as a way of showing the kids how it is done by professionals, encourage them, and also to coach them on the basics of board sports.

This week Ethiopia Skate and their crew are heading back to Konso to support the CARIBU304 team as they add 200m2 of concrete to complete the skatepark. Only one little thing is missing , though, Ethiopia Skate, Skate like Lion and CARIBU304 are looking for more financial support so that they can continue to share and promote the love of skateboarding to the beautiful kids at Konso! —


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