Uganda Skateboard Society is not new to the African skateboarding scene, the name rings a loud bell. Not because Tony Hawk felt it in his hearts to make a heartful note about the collective on his instagram, urging everyone in the skateboarding industry to head to Uganda to learn the savage way in which they approach skating in a bowl or a half pipe, or a pipe in itself, not because they have more chance at the olympics, not also because Adidas has chosen to sponsor them or see them as the face of the brand in Uganda, but because of how much they pay attention when it comes to the details in skateboarding as a street art.

Founder and street skateboarder himself, Gose Gerald, is to blame for the goodness coming out of Uganda, he is not just urging the boys to jump on a board, he is also being exemplary, being a great skater as well as spokesman of skateboarding all round the world. in 2024 Gose Gerald is on a mission, embarking on a East African tour to spread the good word of skateboarding to more than just Uganda, but to Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa.

Once again, for Uganda Skateboad Society, Adidas skateboarding came through for them, giving out free shoes to the crew as they proceed to their first skate contests this year.

Special thanks to the three stripes gang.

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